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Service sex, also called obligation sex involves one partner in a relationship having sex with the other when they don't really want to. Service sex can occur for a variety of reasons including. Below is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why one person in a relationship may give service sex to the other.

The partner providing service sex:

  • Believes it is expected
  • Considers it a marital or relationship obligation
  • Because their partner nags them so much that they give in to stop the nagging
  • Because their partner demands it
  • Because their partner has coerced them

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Many feminists assert that women were only allowed to enjoy sex relatively recently. A review of history around the world demonstrates that this is false.

Cultures around the world and at different times have varied widely in their approach to female sexuality. Many historical societies, including Western Europe during the Middle Ages, argued that women have higher libidos than men. Some also believed that women experience more pleasure from sex as the ancient Greek story of Tiresias demonstrates.