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Meme showing the reliance society has on men.

Separatist feminism is a movement within feminism to establish communes which have minimal contact with men. Attempts to establish feminist communes were most common in the 1970s and 1980s. Most such attempts didn't get past a rental house in the suburbs that preferenced the use of female tradies. A few did establish rural feminist communes. These communes generally broke down after a few years and ceased functioning or converted to more conventional settlements. A particular problem was the retention of young women brought up in the feminist communes as virtually all returned to normal society in their teenage years.

Many of these communes, such as Amazon Acres in Australia, were agrarian in nature as many separatist feminists viewed mechanisation as patriarchal.

If the claims made by feminists about men, including that they have systematically oppressed women throughout history using violence, are true then separatism would be a viable option. If men have really acted this way towards women over thousands of years then it would be reasonable to conclude that this is intrinsic to the nature of men. Women believing this would do well to create a society without men. They could have women fulfil all of the roles in society, even the dangerous and dirty ones. Crown land can be leased very cheaply in Australia or Canada so there are few practical impediments to feminists establishing new communes in these countries.

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