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The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project, better known as PASK is the largest meta-analysis of domestic violence research ever undertaken. It is not focused on gender but rather analyses many variables. When it looks at gender it finds more than half of all IPV is reciprocal in large population samples and that about 67% of non-reciprocal partner violence is perpetrated by women.

PASK covers about 1700 peer-reviewed studies from around the world. Most studies come from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Meta-analyses like PASK offer compelling results and a way to minimise the biases of individual researchers allowing them to arrive at more objective results. In the case of PASK we see the truth of domestic and intimate partner violence.

Intimate Partner Violence

Reciprocal partner violence (RPV), also known as bi-directional partner violence and reciprocal intimate partner violence, involves intimate partner violence (IPV) in which each person in the relationship is both a perpetrator and victim of IPV. Non-reciprocal partner violence is violence in which one partner is violent and the other is not.

By Population Classification

The table below lists classifiations used in PASK as well as male-perpetrated and female-perpetrated IPV. These are listed as MFPV & FMPV respectively in the PASK Domestic Violence Facts and Statistics at a Glance.[1][2]

PASK Classification Total Partner Violence (percentage) Non-Reciprocal Partner Violence (percentage)
Reciprocal Male Perpetrated Female Perpetrated Male Perpetrated Female Perpetrated
Among large population samples 57.9 13.8 28.3 32.8 67.2
Among school and college samples 51.9 16.2 31.9 33.7 66.3
Among respondents reporting IPV in legal or female-oriented clinical/treatment seeking samples not associated with the military 72.3 13.3 14.4 48.0 52.0
Within military and male treatment samples 39 43.4 17.3 71.5 28.5

By Race Classification

PASK Classification Total Partner Violence (percentage)
Reciprocal Partner Violence Non-Reciprocal Partner Violence
White 50.9 49.1
Latino 49 51
African-American 61.8 38.2

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