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Michael Fife was a 62-year-old homeless man in Logan, Utah. On 23 April 2019 Michael Fife was a victim of proxy violence when a 16-year-old girl, in a phone call to her 17-year-old brother, falsely accused Michael Fife of sexually assaulting her. Minutes later the brother met Michael Fife at a bus stop as he exited a bus. The brother then charged at Michael Fife like a linebacker knocking him to the ground.[1] Michael Fife hit his head as he fell and died four days later as a result of his injuries.[2]

Police subsequently reviewed CCTV footage and were able to determine that no sexual assault had occurred.[3]

The 17-year-old brother was subsequently charged and sentenced to 30 days imprisonment.[4] The 16-year-old false accuser was not charged.[5]

The names of the 16-year-old false accuser and her 17-year-old brother have not been released.

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