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Matt Walsh, 2022.

Matt Walsh (born June 18, 1986) is an American right-wing political activist, author, podcaster, and columnist. He is the host of The Matt Walsh Show podcast and is a columnist for the American conservative website The Daily Wire. He has authored four books and starred in The Daily Wire online documentary film What is a Woman?.

In 2010, Walsh began his career as a talk radio host for two stations in Delaware, before moving to Kentucky and launching his own website in 2012. He left WLAP in Kentucky when his show was cancelled in December 2013 and joined Blaze Media in 2014. He joined The Daily Wire in 2017, and began hosting The Matt Walsh Show in 2018. Walsh has appeared on several nationally syndicated publications and talk shows.

Walsh opposes transgender rights and has campaigned in opposition to groups providing or encouraging transgender health care, particularly for minors. In 2022, Walsh released Johnny the Walrus, a children's book in which he compared being transgender to pretending to be a walrus, and What Is a Woman?, a documentary film about gender identity in the United States. Walsh has campaigned against several hospitals, comparing the transgender healthcare they provide to child sexual abuse, genital mutilation, and rape.

Walsh has made it clear he does not oppose circumcision.