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Marama Mere-Ana Davidson[1] (née Paratene; born 29 December 1973)[2][3] is a New Zealand politician who entered the New Zealand Parliament in 2015 as a representative of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, of which she is the female co-leader.

In October 2020, the Green Party signed a cooperation agreement to support a Labour-led government. Davidson became the Minister outside Cabinet for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence, as well as holding the Associate Housing portfolio.[4]

While canvassing at a counterprotest against Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull's planned speech in Albert Park in March 2023, Davidson stated during an encounter with far right Counterspin Media media host Hannah Spierer:

"I am a prevention violence minister [sic]. I know who causes violence in the world, it is white cis men. That is white cis men who cause violence in the world." [1][2]

She was later criticised for this remark by ACT Party leader David Seymour, National Party leader Christopher Luxon, and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, who called on her to resign from her ministerial portfolio.

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