MRM vs Feminism

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  • Feminists actively oppose the existence of men's groups on university campuses and elsewhere. The reverse is not true.
  • Feminists actively disrupt MRM meetings. The reverse is not true.
  • Feminists insist that men's problems should be addressed through feminism. The reverse is not true.
  • Feminists insist that DV/IPV is almost exclusively men being violent towards women. MRAs argue that both men and women can be perpetrators and victims of DV/IPV.
  • Feminists want to stop violence against women. MRAs want to reduce violence against everyone. Stopping violence is an impractical goal without changing the human condition.
  • Feminism insists in the responsibility of men to stop domestic violence. MRAs argue the responsibility rests with everyone.
  • Feminists normally avoid reading men's rights sites and books, describing it as a hate movement. This is a convenient rationalisation to allow them to avoid having their preconceived notions challenged. In contrast, most MRAs regularly read feminist sites and books.
  • MRAs are committed to free speech.
  • Feminism is tied up with postmodernism.
  • Feminism is intolerant of alternative viewpoints. The MRM embraces diversity of thought and accepts alternative viewpoints.
  • When selecting leaders feminism selects for extremists while the MRM selects against it. In feminism, extremists percolate to the top of feminism.
  • The MRM is comprised of a small group of dedicated activists. Feminism is enormous but most have little or nothing to do with feminism day to day. See also the feminist test.
  • Feminism tends to have opaque and shifting goals. The MRM clearly states its goals.

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