Kylie Marie Cochrane

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On the 8th of November 2021 Kylie Marie Cochrane, then 47, was driving on Albany Highway, Kenwick, Western Australia at an estimated speed of 146 km/hr, nearly 90 km/hr over the speed limit. 94 year old Edwin Alfred Moore attempted to drive across Albany Highway after stopping to give way. Cochrane's vehicle struck the car being driven by Edwin Moore. Mr Moore suffered severe injuries including multiple fractures and bleeding on the brain. Mr Moore was rushed to hospital but later died.[1][2]

Cochrane's lawyer Patti Chong claimed that Cochrane feared her partner who, it was claimed, was yelling at her at the time of the accident.[3] A very clear example of hypoagency on the part of Cochrane.

On 28 October 2022 Cochrane was sentenced to seven years imprisonment after previously pleading guilty to manslaughter. Cochrane was sentenced by Justice Bruno Finnaca.[4][5]