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Kevin Ibbs was an Australian businessman who resided in Perth, Australia. On 29 November 1986 Ibbs was having consensual sex with Christine Watson. Watson was a good friend of Ibbs' estranged wife Katrina Carter. Carter was in the house at the time and was aware that Kevin Ibbs and Watson were having sex.

While engaged in intercourse Watson suddenly withdrew consent. Both Watson and Kevin Ibbs agree that he continued intercourse briefly after she withdrew consent. As a result of this Kevin Ibbs was charged with rape, convicted and spent four years in jail. Kevin Ibbs became known as the 30 Second Rapist.

It 1997 it was found that Watson and Carter had conspired to entrap Kevin Ibbs so that Carter could have him removed from the house. Watson and Carter were charged with Perverting the Course of Justice. Each served seven months in jail.

As a result of this false accusation Kevin Ibbs' life was destroyed. He'd lost over one million dollars, his business was destroyed and his health was impacted.

Kevin Ibbs was exonerated in 2001, not because the court was found to have erred by convicting him as a 30 second rapist, but rather because he was the victim of a criminal conspiracy. He received $20,000 in compensation for his wrongful conviction. He subsequently ended his own life.

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