Judith Ann Venn

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In August 2020, Judith Ann Venn (born Judith Ann Henzell, 20 June 1954)[1][2] was charged with murder in relation to the death of her husband Lance Hilton Venn. Venn drugged Lance Venn, cut his wrists and then took the same medication she used to drug him. It was reported that she intended it to look like a suicide.[3]

Judith Venn had reportedly been married to Lance Venn since 22 November 1975.[4][5]

Venn reportedly claimed to be a victim of intimate partner violence over a long period of time.[6]

In August 2021 Venn was permitted by a judge to sell the home she shared with Lance Venn before she killed him in order to fund her defence. This is reportedly the same home in which Venn killed Lance Venn.[7]

On 4 August 2023 Venn was sentenced to imprisonment but became immediately eligible to apply for parole as she has already been imprisoned for three years.[8][9]

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