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Isabella Pollok is an American woman who has been described as the "trusted lieutenant" of Larry Ray while he committed a series of crimes over a period of more than 10 years.[1][2]

In 2010 Larry Ray moved in to the dorm of his daughter Talia at Sarah Lawrence Colleges in Yonkers, New York State. Authorities claim that over a series of years Larry Ray established a cult in which he exploited the friends of his daughter Talia. While originally seen as a victim, police subsequently concluded that Pollok was a willing participant in Larry Ray's illegal activities.[3][4]

While prosecutors allege that Pollok was involved in a series of illegal activities, as of February 2023 she has only been charged with one count of money laundering, to which she pleaded guilty. Prosecutors allege that the money was the proceeds of coerced sex work by Pollock's former friends.[5][6]

As of February 2023 Pollok is awaiting sentencing.

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