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The following states and cities have recognized International Men's Day: Pennsylvania, New York, Iowa (Luther College in Decorah, Iowa), Illinois, Virginia, Hawaii, Florida, California, Arizona, Alabama, and Michigan; Washington, D.C.; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia.

2012 International Men's Day was celebrated during the weeks before the observance of 2012 International Men's Day on 12 October 2012. Twala unveiled a ten-year plan for International Men's Day, known as the "2012–2022: International Men's Day Ten Year Plan" which will tackle, over a ten-year period, the key challenges of education, physical and mental health, violence, fatherhood, positive male role models, and real-life options which prevent boys and young men from maturing into purpose-driven, productive, and successful adults. After reviewing the concept for this plan created by Twala, a general consensus was reached among coordinators in the United States for International Men's Day to adopt and develop this plan in the United States. The US 2012–2022 International Men's Day Ten Year Plan Committee has been established and members who are regional coordinators for International Men's Day in the United States are working on developing and implementing the plan.

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