IPV Homicide (Australia)

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The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project is a large meta analysis of research in to DV/IPV from around the world. It clearly shows men and women are victims in similar proportions.[1]

In Australia 24% of homicides by intimate partners were men (Table 10 in the cited document)[2]. There is no evidence that Australia is atypical in this regard.

Sometimes it is claimed that these men died at the hands of male partners. This is not so. Almost all of these men were killed by women.[3] There is no evidence that Australia is atypical here either.

It is notable that information on the gender of perpetrators of intimate partner violence is not available in the standard Australian government reports. It must be specifically requested and paid for, as the cited custom report was.

Table 9 of the custom reported cited above shows the gender of those who have killed men as part of IPV during the 2008-2010 reporting period. Of the men killed by an intimate partner during the 2008-2010 reporting period:

  • Woman unlawfully killed her husband: 8
  • Woman unlawfully killed her male defacto: 13
  • Woman unlawfully killed her boyfriend: 3
  • Woman unlawfully killed her male extramarital lover: 1
  • Woman unlawfully killed her ex-boyfriend: 1
  • Man unlawfully killed his boyfriend/male spouse: 1