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Feminists today offer a distorted historical narrative. Many historical claims made by feminists are over-simplifications, half truths and outright lies. Many in the wider community have a very narrow definition of history that could be called the Victorian fallacy in that social, cultural and legal norms from the Victorian era are assumed to have been largely true across human cultures and throughout history. This often results in the wider community believing the feminist narrative.

Many feminists believe in that patriarchy exists all around the world today and has existed for at least the last few thousand years. This is often used as a justification for misandry today.

Feminist often argue that women were systematically excluded from recorded history by the patriarchy. Some go so far as to refer to Herstory as an alternative interpretation of history. A major problem with this argument is the fact that in many literate cultures many women were able to read and write. They would have been able to record whatever they chose just as men did. The reality is few women did this.

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