Hanny Papanicolaou

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Hanny Papanicolaou was a professional cleaner in Sydney, Australia. In January 2019 Papanicolaou broke in to the home of her client, 92 year old Marjorie Welsh, with the intent of stealing money. After being discovered Papanicolaou attacked Marjorie Welsh, hitting her with her walking sticks and stabbing her several times. Marjorie Welsh was able to alert emergency services by using a medical assistance device she carried around her neck. Marjorie Welsh was able to identify Papanicolaou as her attacker before passing away in hospital about six weeks after the attack.[1]

Papanicolaou was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison with a 15 year non-parole period. Justice Robertson Wright said that as Papanicolaou displayed genuine remorse and had good prospects of rehabilitation a life sentence was not appropriate.[2]

Papanicolaou reportedly has a gambling addiction and apparently gambled away the last of her money before unlawfully entering Marjorie Welsh's home and attacking her.[3]