Feminist view of marriage

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If women believe in The Patriarchy they shouldn't get married as feminism claims it is a construct of The Patriarchy to exploit women. The feminist influenced media actively discourages women from forming relationships with men.

March 2018

  • Why having a husband can be like having a third child.[1]

May 2018

  • 10 household chores you don’t have to do as a single mum.[2]

August 2018

  • According To Science, Husbands Are A Bigger Cause Of Stress For Wives Than Children.[3]
  • Male Pleasure Robots Will Replace Men For Good.[4]

September 2018

  • Women of America, Take Off Your Wedding Rings.[5]

March 2019

  • Husbands Are A Bigger Source Of Stress For Wives Than Their Children, Scientists Say.[6]
  • Male Pleasure Robots Are Here To Replace Men For Good![7]

August 2019

  • Men use heterosexuality to oppress women. Women don't need heterosexuality.[8]


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