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Erin Pizzey, in receipt of the inaugural award named after her.
27 June 2014.

The Erin Pizzey Achievement award, is a life time achievement award named after Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first domestic violence refuge in the world (1971).

The Award recognises work in the field of gender equality, the promotion of human rights independent of sex.

The Award specifically recognises those who has worked to ensure the equality and human rights of men in areas of law enforcement, government, academia, International governance, charity and general society where the negation of male human rights and the rights of fathers and children has occurred and is occurring.

The award was inaugurated in 2014 at the first international conference on men's issues, Detroit (USA), with Erin Pizzey as the first recipient, 27 June 2014.

The award citation reads:


The award was embedded with two silver coins: on the front (obverse) is an image of a hand reaching for a drop as it splashed up from the surface of rippled waters: The reverse bears a quotation from Robert F Kennedy:


The award was designed and crafted by Peter Vinczer, master jeweller and minter, and his son Attila Vinczer.

Upon receiving the awarded Pizzey phlegmatically responded, "Okay, then all sit down … get on with your supper, and let me just say one thing: The fight goes on.".

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