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Emma Dorge is an activist, spokeswoman for Extinction Rebelion and midwife.[1] Dorge goes by the name Emma Jade on Facebook but her name and image are widely available online and have been reported in the mainstream media.[2] When Dorge appeared in court in September 2019 she invoked the extraordinary emergency exculpation in an attempt to justify her actions.[3]

Dorge has made the following statements in the Extinction Rebellion SEQ Facebook page:

Land rights mean climate justice. We’re not calling on colonizers to make some token changes. We’re calling for system change and decolonization. Colonialism kills. Address the root cause of the problems here. If you can’t acknowledge that then be turned away then - we don’t need people to uphold the state.[4]

You’re on stolen land. You’re following illegitimate/ illegal law,don’t uphold it.[5]

Extinction Rebellion SEQ itself has as one of its aims:

"Dismantle Colonial Systems of Exploitation: Decolonise and replace oppressive government structures with systems of self-management and true participatory democracy."

Based on their statements Emma Dorge and Extinction Rebellion SEQ appear to have as their aim the elimination of western state institutions.

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