Embrace, extend, extinguish

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Embrace, extend, extinguish is a strategy used by various groups and ideologies including feminism. Feminism has used this strategy to extinguish earlier men's movements and is currently working on the open source movement. In the case of feminism this often happens organically without any central authority. The men's rights movement is immune to this strategy due to its strong and clear anti-feminist stance.


Feminists start to participate in another group or movement. They get feminists in to positions of influence.


Once established feminists start raising concerns about the role of women in the group or movement and begin claiming victimhood for women. As a result of gynocentrism most groups or movements quickly placate the feminists. This leads to more and more demands on the part of the feminists, ultimately including quotas for, and priority hiring of, women.


Ultimately the group or movement will be bent to serve feminism such that they no longer have distinct identity. If this is not feasible then they will be eliminated.