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According to the collectively bargained agreement’s detractors, MPS will target white teachers for layoffs to solve for “past discrimination.” [1]

And this concept does not just apply to Minneapolis Public Schools; it’s actually how the world work(sic). To achieve equity, someone must suffer. [2]

Anyone who advocates for economic equity must also advocate for the redistribution of resources. That’s how diversity, equity and inclusion work.(sic) [3]



"Diversion, Exclusion, and Inequity"

"Didn't Earn It"


In many jurisdictions it is illegal to ask about sexual orientation during the hiring process. Many companies then go on to asked employers about their sexual orientation after having been hired. This is ostensibly part of DEI initiatives such as DEI quotas. But if they can't ask while hiring then the knowledge about whether they are meeting DEI quotas can't help them.

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