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Bodily Autonomy

In most nations today women gain the right to bodily autonomy at birth. In an increasing number of nations this right is actively enforced for girls. Boys eventually gain this right too but the exact age at which this occurs isn't clear. We do know that boys in the United States still do not have this right at the age of five.

Criminal Justice

Men are discriminated against at every stage of the criminal justice process.

When making a like-for-like comparison:

  • Men are more likely than women to be a suspect for a offence
  • Men are more likely than women to be arrested
  • Men are more likely than women to be charged
  • Men are more likely then women to be convicted
  • Men are more likely than women to receive a custodial sentence
  • Men receive longer custodial sentences than women for similar crimes

These results are well supported by research from around the world.[1][2][3][4]

In the United States the gender disparity in sentencing is six times larger than the racial disparity.[5] In recent years in the UK a spate of rape trials have collapsed after the Crown Prosecution Service went to trial with insufficient or exculpatory evidence available.[6]

Disaster Response

The World Food Programme (WFP) only feeds women and girls. Many reports misuse the word proritize when an examination of the WFP's own writings on this topic make it clear that food is never given to men and boys. The WFP goes on to assert that men routinely take food from women, without offering any supporting evidence.

"It is our methodology to distribute only to women to ensure that food gets to women and children in Haiti," --Josette Sheeran, WFP executive director[7][8]

This strategy fails to cover families that lack female members, such as those who would have lost them in the disaster itself and male same-sex couples.[9]


Research conducted by the London School of Economic's Centre for Economic Performance and elsewhere found that female teachers tend to mark down male students.[10] The research went on to show that male students recognise this and tend to put less effort in for female teachers, recognising that they will be subject to discrimination. In contrast female students tend to put in more effort for male teachers despite male teachers marking students fairly regardless of gender.[11][12]

Follow up research by the OECD confirmed these results across 60 countries.[13][14] Research carried out at MIT also confirmed that female teachers tend to mark boys down but male teachers tend to mark fairly across genders.[15][16]

Some researchers claim that this is a result of boys being more disruptive in class and female teachers tending to academically mark down students as a result of disruptive behaviour.

Some research suggests that boys tend to do better when assessed by exam and girls tend to do better when assessed by course work.[17][18][19][20] This may be partly a result of a tendency for boys to engage in risky behaviour.[21][22]


Research shows that women have a significant advantage when being hired in STEM fields. A study conducted by the Cornell Institute for Women in Science found that women were twice as likely as comparably qualified men to be hired for tenure-track positions.[23][24]

A study conducted at the University of North Carolina found that men now experience employment discrimination in both white-collar and blue-collar employment. The study found that employment discrimination is more commonly against men than women.[25][26]


In Australia men's health research receives one quarter of the funds of women's health research despite men having a higher mortality at every age. [27] In the UK the difference has been as high as 8:1.[28][29]


In the UK inclusion of the father's name on the birth certificate is subject to the mother's approval. Until 2021, the father was not able register his own child.[30][31][32]

Women in most nations have the right to choose not to be a parent. This right exists through the option to have an abortion, through the use of adoption or through the use of safe haven drop off points. Many jurisdictions allow the mother to use any of these options against the wishes of the father. In contrast, for men, consent to sex is consent to parenthood.

Women have always known that they are the mother of the child they just gave birth to. Only recently have men had the chance to truly know that they are the parent of a particular newborn. In some countries, such as France, paternity testing is illegal unless permitted by a court of law. The stated reason that France does this is to preserve the family.[33] This is in reality state support for paternity fraud.

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