Dick is abundant and of low value

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Dick is abundant and of low value is a phrase that is widely used by women to put down men and is thus a form of casual misandry. The alternative form Dick is abundant and low value is sometimes used.

It is intended to convey the idea that men demonstrate greater willingness to have sex with women than the reverse. The phrase was popularised by feminist writer Alana Massey in her article The Dickonomics of Tinder.[1][2]

Women have to invest significantly more in to gestation than men. It has been noted that historically pregnancy results in a larger investment in resources and higher risk for women. This may lead to women being more selective in taking mates which itself has been proposed to be the basis of gynocentrism. The gender that produces the rarer (and thus more valuable) type of gametes (eggs, produced by females) are the individuals that need extra protection in order to make the group survive - and those who don't produce them (males) need to compensate for that by achieving other things. Some counter arguments have been made by MRAs and others.

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