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David Van, July 2022.

David Van (born 14 November 1964) is an Australian politician. He is a member of the Liberal Party of Australia and was sworn in as a Senator for Senator Victoria on 1 July 2019. On 15 June 2023, Van was expelled from the Liberal Party party room.[1]

In November 2021, then Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was "disappointed" after claims that Van had made "growling and dog noises" at Senator Jacqui Lambie as she spoke during Senate Question Time, on the same day as the Sex Descrimination Commissioner released a report into harassment and workplace culture at Parliament House. Van later "apologised unreservedly" for interjecting but denied making "growling noises".[2]

In June 2023, under parliamentary privilege, Senator Lidia Thorpe accused Van of sexual assault. He was expelled from the parliamentary Liberal party by Peter Dutton after additional unspecified allegations of misconduct were made. Van denies all of the allegations. Former Senator Amanda Stoker released a statement that she had also been inappropriately touched by Van.[3]

On 17 June 2023 Senator Van resigned from the Liberal party to sit as an independent.[4]

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