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Creamerie is a black comedy web series from New Zealand that launched in 2021 on TVNZ OnDemand. It explores a world in which nearly all men have died from a virus, and three friends, played by Perlina Lau, J.J. Fong, and Ally Xue, run a dairy farm under the watchful eye of Wellness, the local governing body. The series was created by Lau, Fong, Xue, and director Roseanne Liang.


Alex, Jaime and Pip are three friends living on a New Zealand dairy farm eight years after all men on Earth have been killed by a mysterious virus. An organization called Wellness now runs their community and controls repopulation via lottery, using sperm saved from old sperm banks. The friends' lives are thrown into disarray when they encounter a man whom they assume to be the last surviving man in the world. As season 1 concludes and season 2 begins, they stumble upon a laboratory where some of the very few surviving men are being held hostage, tied to their chairs, gagged and naked, with pumping devices attached to their genitalia, extracting their semen which will then be used to impregnate women.

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