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Chris Votey (aka mad_cat) is an Egalitarian Activist who does a lot of work in the Men's Movement. Chris felt that he's always been a part of the Men's Movement all of his life, but didn't know about the actual movement until 2013.


Chris was born in Ohio but has lived most of his life in Arizona since the age of 3. He moved around a lot, having gone to 6 different elementary schools. He failed two grades and skipped one. He graduated high school in 1999 and waited until 2002 to go to college. Chris primarily worked as a phone support specialist though one year was a field engineer for supermarkets.

Prior to joining the movement he was an active participant in the BDSM scene, whereupon reflection he realizes that he faced many elements of Feminism and gynocentrism, though it was below the surface.


Chris has a Bachelor's of Science from Collins College in Computer Networking.



Everything about Feminism is a cruel irony. They want men to share their feelings but call them crybabies once they do. They want to do things for themselves but get upset when men don't do enough to support them. They want the chance to participate in all aspects of life that men do, but then want lighter requirements to do so. And of course, they want men to keep their distance as a whole, but then chastise them for doing exactly that. It's a movement of no one having any idea of what they're about.

It's why it will fail, because they fail to see they have everything they want, and still complain they have nothing... because, in the end, all they want is to be victims. --Chris Votey, Facebook, April 24, 2020.

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