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Moyenne Island, 2011.

Brendon Grimshaw is a former newspaper editor and conservationist from the UK. In 1962 Brendon Grimshaw purchased Moyenne Island for £8,000 (about 10,000 dollars.[1]

Moyenne Island is a small island (9.9 ha or 24 acres) in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park off the north coast of Mahé, Seychelles. The island was abandoned in 1915 and remained so until purchased by Brendon Grimshaw. Since the 1970s onwards, it has been a flora and fauna reserve.[2]

Grimshaw and local youth René Antoine Lafortune planted sixteen thousand trees, built 4.8 kilometres (3 mi) of nature paths, and brought and bred Aldabra giant tortoises, intending to create an island of extraordinary beauty. Apart from a wide variety of plant and bird life, the island is home to around 120 giant tortoises. In 2012, according to Grimshaw, the eldest was 76, and was named Desmond, after his godson.[3]

Grimshaw was the only inhabitant of the island until his death in July 2012. The island is now a national park and can be visited as part of organized trips.[4]

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