Ann Lesby, PhD

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Ann Lesby, PhD, as portrayed on Twitter, 2023.

Ann Lesby, PhD is a satirical account active on Facebook and Twitter. Ann Lesby, PhD satirises identity politics and woke. Reversed her name sounds like Lesbian.


On Facebook she says about herself:

1/8 Black, semitrans lesbian who dates men. Head of Gender Studies ACL Univ. I educate the ignorant.

2023-05-14-003531 1432x631 scrot.png


While on Twitter she says:

Head of Gender Studies @ACL_Univ . Author ANTIRACIST FETUS. 1/8 Black, semitrans, lesbian who dates men. RIP S.A. Tyre. #Mask4Life

2023-05-14-003629 632x490 scrot.png

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