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Allosexual, and the alternative zedsexual, means to experience sexual attraction and is contrasted with asexuality. The term allosexual is of recent origin and largely has currency among the woke.

The term allosexual can be considered to be a synonym for the word sexual which has had this meaning in English since 1799.[1][2] The word asexual itself relies on the definition of the word sexual as a synonym for allosexual.

The LGBTQIA wiki argues that using the term sexual to contrast asexual implies that people who are sexual enjoy and have a positive relationship to sex, and that the term sexual slut-shames non asexuals.[3][4]

Dictionary Definition

Allosexual refers to people who do not identify as asexual—that is, people who regularly experience sexual attraction, regardless of their sexual orientation. Asexual, in contrast, refers to people who experience no or little sexual attraction. [5]