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Ai Fukuhara (born 1 November 1988) is a retired Japanese table tennis player and Olympic medalist, winning silver at the 2012 Summer Olympics and bronze at the 2016 Summer Olympics with the Japanese women's team. She is sponsored by All Nippon Airways.

Fukuhara married Taiwanese table tennis player Chiang Hung-chieh in 2016 following the Rio Olympics. She gave birth to their daughter on Friday 13 October 2017. Their marriage life was the subject of a Chinese reality show. Fukuhara gave birth to a boy in 2019. In March 2021, Fukuhara and Chiang filed for divorce.

The couple jointly announced their divorce in July 2021. Following the divorce, Ai reportedly took the couples child back to Japan and has cut off Chiang from access to his daughter. Chiang has filed multiple cases requesting access but has been denied as Japan's laws do not recognize Chiang's right to see his child. Chiang's dispute with Ai over access to his child is a high profile case of child abduction in Japan.[1][2][3][4]