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Adria Richards is an American woman who came to public attention when she publicly complained about two men who were reportedly making jokes while sitting behind her in the 2013 PyCon conference. PyCon is a conference for the Python programming language. Richards apparently took offence at the jokes which referenced forking and dongles, two terms used in IT which can easily be used to make double entendres.[1][2]

Richards posted a picture of the men on Twitter and complained about the jokes. As of October 2023 the message is still available on X.[3][4]

This incident was widely reported in the mainstream media and became known as Donglegate.[5][6]

One of the men and Richards were both terminated from their employment over the incident.[7][8]

It was pointed out by commentators that Richards had previously made a crude joke about a man stuffing a sock in his crotch, suggesting her actions were hypocritical.[9][10]