A modern moral panic

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The Australian state of Queensland there have been several terrible acts of violence during the first half of September 2015.

On September 8 Tara Brown was allegedly violently assaulted by her ex-partner Lionel Patea. The alleged assault included her being hit by a car and struck in the face by a brick. Sadly the young women died of her injuries in hospital.

These are terrible terrible events. It is troubling though how many people seem to make the leap from these events to a belief that violence is gendered.

One women was violently attacked by her ex-partner in the street.

The common perception of domestic violence (also known as intimate partner violence) is as something men perpetrate against women. Data suggests this is an inaccurate picture.

Teaching that men should not hit women but that no such prohibition exists for women hitting men violates the social principal of reciprocity and threatens the social fabric. The solution to this is to teach that all violence is unacceptable.

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