2022-2023 Iran protests

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File:Mohsen Shekari 2.jpg
Mohsen Shekari, the first person executed during the ongoing 2022-2023 protests in Iran.
File:MajidReza Rahnavard.jpg
Majidreza Rahnavard, the second person executed during the ongoing 2022-2023 protests in Iran.

The 2022-2023 Iran protests involve civil unrest and protests against the government of Iran associated with the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini. Protests began on 16 September 2022 and are ongoing as of January 2023. Amini had been arrested by the Guidance Patrol for allegedly violating Iran's mandatory hijab law by wearing her hijab "improperly" while visiting Tehran from Saqqez. According to eyewitnesses, she had been severely beaten by Guidance Patrol officers, an assertion denied by Iranian authorities. As the protests spread from Amini's hometown of Saqqez to other cities in the province of Kurdistan and throughout the country, the government responded with widespread Internet blackouts, nationwide restrictions on social media usage, tear gas and gunfire.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismissed the widespread unrest not only as "riots" but also as a “hybrid war" caused by foreign states and dissidents abroad.[24][25][26] Women, including schoolchildren, have played a key role in the demonstrations. In addition to demands for increased rights for women, the protests have demanded the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, setting them apart from previous major protest movements in Iran, which have focused on election results or economic woes.[27] The government's response to the protests has been widely condemned.[1]









The report Women, Life, Freedom about the uprising in Iran was released in October 2022. This report covered the first 20 days of the protest. It lists the first 200 people suspected as having been killed in the protests. The report notes 7% of them were women.[2]

As of 14 November 2022, 326 people had been killed including 43 children and 25 women. More children had been killed than women.[3] This discredits the idea, widespread at the time, that this was a women's protest or even women-led protest.

As of 27 December 2022 at least 476 people, including 64 minors, had been killed as a result of the government's intervention in the protests; an estimated 18,480 have been arrested throughout at least 134 cities and towns, and at 132 universities.

As of 6 January 2023, 517 protesters have been killed including 70 minors.[4]


The following individuals have been confirmed as having been executed in relation to the on-going protests in Iran. As of 10 January 2023 all individuals executed have been men.

Date of Execution Name Gender Age Method of Execution
8 December 2022 Mohsen Shekari Male 23 Hanging[5]
12 December 2022 Majidreza Rahnavard Male 23 Hanging[6]
7 January 2023 Mohammad Mehdi Karami Male 21-22 Hanging[7][8]
7 January 2023 Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Male Hanging[9]

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