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This page can be used as a template for page construction. Several levels of headers can be used for subtopics. Go to edit and copy the whole page and paste on your new page (saves you a lot of work).

Also use (see in edit) [1] which will automatically show up in References. You can also name them [2] so you just use the name again[2], and again[2], and again[2].

Note the div style up top, that allows for all text to be justify, which gives a cleaner look.

Also, don't forget Category. Just follow the example below and set it to the best category you can think of. Most likely the perfect one already exists. If it doesn't, use the best one you can think of and another editor may change it if necessary. A good one for new articles is "Featured Articles".

See Also

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External Links

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References will be placed here automatically. The References header above is needed or the references look odd.
  1. Things to reference
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 for easier reference