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A traditional gynocentrist denotes men or women who either advocate or display a wide range of traditional gynocentric attitudes and/or behaviours.

Most traditional gynocentrists identify as anti-feminist. In most cases this should be considered an honest assessment. A famous example of this type is Phyllis Schlafly who shunned feminist gynocentrism in favour of the benefits of traditional gynocentrism. Another is Jordan Peterson who is strongly critical of feminism, and also advocates male service to home-making wives and mothers.[1]

Anti-feminism is an attitude shared among traditional gynocentrists, and also among those seeking a new path forward including many men's issues advocates. When first encountering the men's rights movement many traditional gynocentrists are initially supportive. However, once they learn that many MRAs reject gynocentrism in both its progressive and traditional forms, many traditional gynocentrists become hostile to the movement. Men's advocates suggest that traditonal gynocentrists are often asking men to 'go back to the plantation', a euphemism for gendered male service to women.

The traditional gynocentrist can be distinguished from a Non-gynocentric traditionalist who advocates for preserving all valuable, non-gynocentric aspects of historical tradition.[2]

'Traditional gynocentrist' is sometimes referred to by alternative titles such as Antifeminist gynocentrist, Gynocentric traditionalist, Nonfeminist gynocentrist, Gyno-trad or simply Tradgyn. The latter two both being portmanteaus of traditionalist and gynocentrist.

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