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The Women's Club is a women-only club based in Sydney, Australia. Unlike men's clubs around the world, there have been no public calls for the Queen's Club to open its doors to both genders. The women's Club website provides a history of the club:

On 1 January 1901 the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed in Centennial Park, Sydney. Later that year physician and welfare worker, Dr Mary Booth invited some women to meet at her Macquarie Street rooms to discuss establishing a club where women interested in public, professional, scientific and artistic work might associate. On 9 October 1901 a meeting of more than 100 women at The Women’s College, the University of Sydney founded The Women’s Club ‘to fill some of the needs of intellectual and academic women by offering mental and artistic enjoyment’.[1][2]

As of November 2023 The Women's Club continues to operate.

The Women's Club is situated on Elizabeth St, Sydney, a few doors away from The Queen's Club.

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