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I've felt for a while that feminists are driving gender segregation in the west. We constantly hear from feminists that women need safe spaces and that men are imposing on women with their bodies and their presence. The logical outcome of these complaints is to increasingly separate men and women.

Women continue to form many women-only organisations in western countries (such as gyms). Other segregated areas include women-only hotel floors with a prediction of women-only hotels soon. There is even a Lesbian-only cemetery in Germany. This is a growing trend. The city of Hamilton New Zealand plans to ban men from a public swimming pool during certain times, creating women-only swimming sessions.

China, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria, Italy and South Korea now have women-only parking spaces in shopping centres and malls.

An insurance company in the UK has seriously suggested road lanes exclusively for female drivers.

New York City has a women-only taxi service.

The list keeps growing...