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There are many myths about the men's rights movement.

Myth: The MRM hates women

Many women are involved in the MRM. Overall it is likely that women are over-represented among prominent MRAs.

Myth: The MRM wants a return to 19th century western gender roles

These are often called traditional gender roles although they are far from traditional. The MRM rejects enforcement of traditional gender roles.

Myth: The MRM wants women to be submissive

Myth: MRAs are frightened of women's sexuality

Myth: MRAs are angry and hateful

Many MRAs are indeed angry. Anger is a legitimate response to injustice. They are not hateful though.

Myth: The MRM is Right Wing

MRAs come from across the political spectrum. Most actually reject both side of politics as gynocentric. Many MRAs are Libertarian as can be seen in the men's rights focus on individual rights and responsibilities.