Legal Parental Surrender

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Legal Parental Surrender is the notion that men should have the same reproductive rights as women. In most countries women have the right to not be parents while men lack this right. Women have raped boys, got pregnant and been able to successfully sue the boy for child support. Women have stolen sperm from condoms, impregnated themselves and been able to successfully sue the man for child support.

Legal parental surrender proposes to give men the same reproductive rights that women enjoy. A few different forms of this agreement have been proposed.

A man who impregnated a woman could unilaterally surrender his parental rights and responsibilities. He would have no right to see the child and no responsibilities towards the child. This would be allowed up until the same point that abortion is permitted in the jurisdiction.

Legal parental surrender is also sometimes called financial abortion or legal abortion although this term is unpopular with some proponents.

Legal parental surrender is reportedly being considered in Sweden.[1]