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The gender pay gap so often spoken about and even cited in the media is not a result of a systematic bias against women. Research has clearly shown that the choices that men and women make, in the types of employment they undertake the amount of overtime they are prepared to work, and whether they are prepared to work in remote, dirty and dangerous conditions explain the vast bulk of the wage gap. A major study commissioned by the US department of Labor shows that in the United States the wage gap is reduced to 4.8-7.1% after taking in to account known factors.[1]

The claim that women are paid less than men in a like for like comparison or for equal work has been widely debunked but continues to be widely reported as fact. The online Encyclopedia Britanica claims:

This inequality in men’s and women’s pay scales, even for equal work, still exists.[2]

Wiltshire Police admit that the pay gap occurs as a result of differing work rather than discrimination at the same page grade:

“Men and women are paid equally at every grade in Wiltshire Police,” the report reads. “However, if one gender dominates higher pay-graded roles then this results in a gender pay gap.[3]

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