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Jari’s Law is a proposal by Faith Tkalac to require domestic violence legislation to be enforced in a gender-neutral manner within Australia.

  • Jari's Law is about creating change in the Tasmanian Courts. By ensuring Magistrates have all the background of the perpetrator.[1]
  • Jari's Law is about ensuring the Government of Tasmanian changes legislation to ensure men are equally recognised and supported as victims of domestic violence as women are.[2]
  • Jari's Law is about ensuring Tasmania Police protect male victims of domestic violence, and believe their accusations against female perpetrators.[3]
  • Jari's Law is about ensuring that men, and men with children, are provided equal access to support services and funding as women, and women with children are.[4]
  • Jari's Law is about ensuring female offenders receive the same sentencing as male offenders.[5]
  • Jari's Law is about providing men with Legal Aid funded representation and support.[6]

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