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Intactivism refers to the anti-circumcision movement and associated activism [1] which strives to raise awareness about the dangers of male genital mutilation and female genital mutilation. Various organisations have been set up specifically for this purpose.

Name Founded Region served Notes
Association contre la Mutilation des Enfants (AME)[2] 1993 France Based in Boulogne, France.
Beyond the Bris 2010 USA Focused on Jewish boys in the United States.
Bloodstained Men & Their Friends 2012 USA Known for public protests in white overalls with bloodstains around their crotches.[3]Led by Brother K.
Bruchim ? ? Established by and focussing on Jewish families.
Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC)] 1995 World Based in Seattle, Washington.
Facharbeitskreis Beschneidungsbetroffener im MOGiS e.V. 2009 Germany Initiators of the World Wide Day of Genital Autonomy since 7 May 2013.
Genital Autonomy America (GAA) 1985 USA Previously called National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC). Based in San Anselmo, California.
Gonnen Al Ha-Yeled (Protect The Child) 20?? Israel Founder Eran Sadeh, an Israeli Jew, argued in 2012 that Germany's proposed circumcision ban was "not anti-Semitic".[4]
Jews Against Circumcision (JAC) 2011 World
Muslims Against the Circumcision of Children (MACC) 2012 World
Intaction[5] 2010 USA Based in Brooklyn, New York.
Intact America 2008 USA Based in Tarrytown, New York.
Intact Denmark 2013 Denmark Based in Farum.
Intact Iceland 2015 Iceland
The Intact Network (TIN) 2010 World Based in Washington, D.C. Has local chapters in all 50 U.S. states and several more abroad.[6]
Men Do Complain (MDC)[7] 2012 UK Based in London.
NORM-UK, operating as "15Square" 1994 UK Based in Stone, Staffordshire.
Saving Our Sons (SOS) 2007 USA Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Intact Network grew out of SOS.

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