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The table below (currently incomplete) lists the year that universal male and universal female suffrage were introduced in to various jurisdictions. In general nations that became independent during the 20th or 21st centuries granted universal suffrage to men and women at the same time. In nations that became independent during the 19th century men often led women by a few years or decades in obtaining suffrage. What is notable though is that the length of time between universal male and universal female suffrage is tiny compared to the period of time that humans have historically lived in non-democratic states.

Jurisdiction Universal Male Suffrage Universal Female Suffrage Difference (years) Notes
Australia 1901 1902 1 During the 1901 (inaugural) federal election women were eligible to vote if they were eligible to vote in their home state elections. As a result women in South Australia and Western Australia voted in the 1901 election.
Australia, New South Wales 1858 1902 44
Australia, Queensland 1872 1905 33
Australia, South Australia 1855 1895 40
Australia, Tasmania 1896 1903 7
Australia, Victoria 1857 1908 51
Australia, Western Australia 1893 1899 6
Belgium 1918 1948 30
Canada 1920 1920 0 Chinese and aborigines were initially excluded regardless of gender.
Canada, Alberta 1916
Canada, Manitoba 1916
Canada, Newfoundland 1925 1925 0 Newfoundland did not become part of Canada until 1949.
Canada, Ontario
Canada, Quebec 1940
Canada, Saskatchewan 1916
Chile 1970 1970 0
Finland 1906 1906 0
Greece 1830 1952 122
Israel 1948 1948 0
Jamaica 1944 1944 0
New Zealand 1879 1893 14
Sweden 1848 1919 71 Military officers were unable to vote until 1945.
Switzerland 1971 Switzerland is a federal state made up of Cantons. At a Canton level universal female suffrage was achieved at different times.
United Kingdom 1918 1928 10 Women 30 or older gained the franchise in 1918 if they lived in a house, had a husband who did or owned property worth a certain amount.

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