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A Traditional gynocentrist is a shorthand phrase for men or women displaying any of a wide range of traditional gynocentric attitudes and/or behaviours, and to those who advocate such behaviours. A famous example of this type is Phyllis Schlafly who shunned feminist gynocentrism in favour of the benefits of traditional gynocentrism. The phrase is sometimes referred to by alternative phrases such as Antifeminist gynocentrist, Gynocentric traditionalist, Nonfeminist gynocentrist, or simply Tradgyn, which is a portmanteau of traditionalist and gynocentrist.

Many tradgyns today will identify as anti-feminist. In many cases this can be considered an honest assessment as anti-feminism is split between tradgyns and those seeking a new path forward like MRAs. MRAs often suggest that traditonal gynocentrists are telling men to go back to the plantation.

Tradgyns can be distinguished from a Non-gynocentric traditionalist who advocates non-gynocentric aspects of historical tradition.[1]

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