Google's Ideological Echo Chamber

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James Damore, 2018.

Google's Ideological Echo Chamber, commonly referred to as the Google memo, is an internal memo, dated July 2017, by then US-based Google engineer James Damore about Google's culture and diversity policies. The memo and Google's subsequent firing of Damore in August 2017 became a subject of interest for the media. Damore's arguments received both praise and criticism from media outlets, scientists, academics and others.[1]

The company fired Damore for violation of the company's code of conduct. Damore filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, but later withdrew this complaint. A lawyer with the NLRB wrote that his firing was proper. After withdrawing this complaint, Damore filed a class action lawsuit, retaining the services of attorney Harmeet Dhillon, alleging that Google was discriminating against conservatives, whites, Asians, and men. Damore withdrew his claims in the lawsuit to pursue arbitration against Google.[2]

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