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Wiki4Men has its origins in a project started by Robert Brockway on Dec 31, 2013. There was very little uptake for a wiki for men at that time but Robert kept writing articles and recording data. Early in 2019 interest in a wiki for men increased, with Peter Wright and Elizabeth Hobson both expressing interest in contributing. Information from the old AVfM reference wiki was merged into Robert's earlier wiki writings and Wiki4Men was born. It was time.

The name Wiki4Men was proposed by Peter Wright.

Wiki4Men is brought to you by the Australian Men's Rights Association Inc and A Voice for Men and is dedicated to cutting through the misinformation perpetrated by feminist dominated government and media.

We welcome and encourage contributions from supporters of men's equality and human rights. In order to do so, you will need to request an account by contacting Doing so indicates your agreement to comply with editorial and copyright policy.

Wiki4Men exists to:

  • Provide a repository for information, studies, and research on men and boys and the broad range of issues affecting them, free from feminist misinformation.
  • Provide information on other topics of interest to MRAs.
  • Document the men's rights movement and anti-feminism for posterity.

Wiki4Men currently contains 2,265 articles.

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