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Reddit is a popular social media platform founded in 2005. It is composed of various "subreddits", which are isolated communities where members can discuss any given subject depending on what a particular subreddit champions. The website is often seen as a central hub for men's rights discussions online, although particular subreddits range from highly sympathetic towards men's rights activism to extremely hostile towards it.

Subreddits of note

  • r/AgainstMensRights: A hateful subreddit which makes false claims about men's rights activists in order to justify its irrational dislike of the men's rights movement.
  • [1]: A subreddit for hateful women to justify misandric viewpoints and unfair expectations towards men.
  • r/FeMRADebates: A subreddit for feminists and men's rights activists to debate issues of gender equality.
  • r/GenderCritical: A subreddit for trans exclusionary radical feminists to spread transphobia and misandry. Almost universally hated by other subreddits.
  • r/LadyMRAs: A subreddit for women who support the cause of men's rights activism.
  • r/LeftWingMaleAdvocates: A subreddit for members of the political left to discuss men's rights issues.
  • r/MensLib: A subreddit run by feminists for supposedly discussing men's issues. However, much of the sub's discussion reinforces incorrect ideas such as the apex fallacy, patriarchy theory, and toxic masculinity, and blames men for most if not all of their own and women's problems.
  • r/MensRights: A subreddit for men's rights activists to discuss the various issues which affect men and boys.
  • r/MensRightsLaw: A subreddit that discusses men's rights through a legal lens.
  • r/MensRightsLinks: A subreddit which allows users to post academic studies and articles backing up men's rights talking points.
  • r/MRActivism: A subreddit raising awareness towards activism related to men's rights.
  • r/MRAmemes: A subreddit for posting memes related to men's rights activism.
  • r/MRRef: Another subreddit providing references backing up men's rights talking points.
  • r/PinkPillFeminism: A subreddit for hateful women to endorse ideas of female superiority.
  • r/ProMaleCollective: A subreddit for men who do not consider themselves part of the manosphere but who do consider themselves pro-male. Though it makes some good points, it is often irrationally hostile towards the men's rights movement.
  • r/PussyPass: A subreddit intended to reflect the double standards that favor women. However, it sometimes hosts misogynists who simply look for excuses to dislike women.
  • r/PussyPassDenied: Same as r/PussyPass, but more focused on the times when women are unexpectedly not granted advantages.
  • r/TheRedPill: A subreddit for people who generally believe in the idea that traditional gender roles must be followed to live an ideal life. Though it makes some good points about self improvement as well as about the standards men are held to, it holds misogynistic ideas that women are childish and must always be protected. It also shames men for not conforming to traditional gender roles.
  • r/SRSsucks: A subreddit for critiquing statements by so-called progressives, particularly feminists.
  • r/TrollXChromosomes: A hateful feminist subreddit supposedly focusing on humor from a female perspective, but actually primarily used as a source to shame men.
  • r/TumblrInAction: A subreddit for calling out hateful Tumblr feminists' hateful and hypocritical ideas.