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A Modwife (noun), refers to women who have embraced multi-option lives over more traditional roles, and who allow, or encourage multi-option lives for their husbands. The term was created by Peter Wright in response to the popular trend in Tradwives - ie. wives who enact or advocate a traditional gender role based on Western middle-class femininity of the mid twentieth century. Both the tradwife and modwife eschew feminist prescriptions for relationships, which are geared only to female domination and not to partnerships based on reciprocal labor and devotion (see Gynowife).[1]

Related terms

'Gynowife' also implies a practice, hence Midwifery (Adj.) and can be referred to a collective of Midwives (Pl.). The compliment of a Modwife is a Modhusband, hence - Modcouple.

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