Men's rights movement

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The men's rights movement (MRM) seeks to to engage in reasoned peaceful advocacy while aiming to eliminate gynocentrism and male disposability. The MRM want to resolve certain issues facing men and boys and achieve equality of opportunity for all. The MRM opposes the enforcement of traditional gender roles. Someone who participates in the MRM is called an MRA.

The MRM often finds itself allied with other groups such as intactivists. The MRM seeks to address a wide variety of issues facing men and boys while activists within these other movements are often focused on a small number of issues. MRAs argue that issues facing men and boys are often tied together. For example, the fact that many societies tolerate male genital mutilation while rejecting female genital mutilation is in fact a symptom of the broader problem of male disposability as men are regarded as having less right to their own life and body than women.