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Masculinism is a range of movements and ideologies concerned with the male condition to eliminate all discrimination against men because they are male.


In English, the term masculinism appeared in 1911 in a feminist periodical, Freewoman, as a hypothetical complement to "feminism": “Masculinism and feminism are relative terms, and when one is strong enough to match the other, the two will merge into a common doctrine of humanism. "

The first attestation of "masculinism" designated a disease in women with male or all male sexual characteristics, of their natural and social conditions of being.

Then, it was widely used by its anti-male opponents until the 1990s, giving the word masculinism a negative meaning like "sexism". Men did not find themselves in this word until the 2000s, when some people tried to reclaim it. Activists for the rights of fathers or "human rights" refuse to endorse it, considering it as unsuitable, even caricatural . Others, on the other hand, believe that the appropriation of the word "by feminists" must be countered by claiming it, and not by creating less connoted terms, such as the term hominism in French promoted in the early 2000s by Quebec psychologist Yvon Dallaire, or meninism and masculism in english.

Themes and claims of masculinism

Father's rights

Masculinicides and violences

Denunciations of discrimination

Education and employment

Men's studies

Men's health

Masculinist movements

Men's rights activists (MRA)

Men going their own way (MGTOW)


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